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Anonymous: I just read your post about the apartment complexes. Just wondering how many rooms were in your apartment. When I went the rooms in Patterson were WAY bigger than in Chatham.

really? I lived in both chatham and Patterson and IMO, I thought the rooms in Chatham were much larger. Patterson did have a better kitchen and living space though.

I stayed in a 3 bedroom in both my CPs.

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Anonymous: do you know if, if i send a package to the disney hotel im staying at with the hotel's name in the name section, my name in the address line 1 and the hotel's address in the address line 2, they'll store it for me until i get there?

Yes, they hotel will look you up and notify you when it arrives.

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Anonymous: when dcp interviewer asks how you handle emergencies and can you give an example. what do you suggest to say

The logical thing of course, stop what you’re doing and assist. If it’s a fire, like for example, at your home, you stop what your doing and get everyone out.

If you’re shopping in the mall and some clumsy person rolls their ankle and falls, you stop what you’re doing and assist them. 

Just think of examples of emergencies that you’ve encountered. What did you do or what would you have done to better help the situation?

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Anonymous: do you have a girlfriend?

I still get these?

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sheparddccommander: I have a cast member interview coming up in a few days, what's the interview process like? Also, your blog makes me really want this job more than ever now!

If you’re about to have a phone interview, expect questions about your work ethic, willingness to learn, your growth as a person working with Disney, and personality. 

Answer the questions not as if you’d answer them but instead, answer them as if you were speaking to Walt Disney himself.

Good luck, ye-old-assbutt

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Guys! It’s my 2 year anniversary with Tumblr!

I started this blog 2 years ago in the library of my old college. 

I remember the day fully: I should have been studying for my Arabic test that night but I was missing the disney college program a lot. I wanted to tell my stories to my study buddy but she didn’t care for them. So I turned to tumblr to tell my stories. 

Though I was absent for half of last year, this year will change. I’m trying to be more active for you guys and wanting to begin a new journey with Disney and my followers.

Happy cake day, Chronicles of a Cast Member, though you are not sentient, you still deserve a celebration!

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Anonymous: Given the option, would you rather stay in a grand villa at OKW or the boardwalk?

With the boardwalk near you as well as Epcot and DHS being a boat ride away, I’d choose the boardwalk. Even if the grand villa at OKW is the biggest on property, it seems a bit out of the way for me. I like staying in proximity to my favorite attractions.

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