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magicandmonorails: Hi. I've always wondered if being a cast member takes away from the disney Magic since you see all the behind the scenes stuff or enhances it? Why?

In my case, being a cast member does indeed change the magic but not in a negative way.

The magic that I saw as a child is gone. I no longer freak out when I meet a character, princess, or jump on Space Mountain. But that doesn’t mean I think the magic is still there.

As a cast member, I appreciate the magic. I appreciate everything that goes on behind the scenes so those children that walk in could have wide eyes and awe in the beauty, the magic, and the splendor that is Disney. 

In short, I’ve gone from witnessing the magic to creating the magic. I’ve gone from experiencing the magic to having experience in magic.

Sure, I get jaded from the parks from time to time, but I never dismiss the fact that this company has created something no other company has come close to: Magic and Dreams.

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Guys! It’s my 2 year anniversary with Tumblr!

I started this blog 2 years ago in the library of my old college. 

I remember the day fully: I should have been studying for my Arabic test that night but I was missing the disney college program a lot. I wanted to tell my stories to my study buddy but she didn’t care for them. So I turned to tumblr to tell my stories. 

Though I was absent for half of last year, this year will change. I’m trying to be more active for you guys and wanting to begin a new journey with Disney and my followers.

Happy cake day, Chronicles of a Cast Member, though you are not sentient, you still deserve a celebration!

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