Chronicles of a Cast Member

Episode XIV

Flash Bacon

When you’re in the Disney College Program, you get the experience of living on your own. Not many students have that opportunity.

For some, living on their own requires as much supervision as a toddler. 

Here’s what happened 2 weeks into the Disney College Program Spring 2011:

Having lived in a hispanic home, I learned how to cook. When I got my apartment in Disney, my roommates were impressed that I can cook well and one of them wanted to impress me with his cooking.

I typically cook spanish dishes, italian, and asian dishes. One of my roommates, Nick, wanted to cook a very american dish for the apartment, bacon wrapped hotdogs.

Bacon wrapped hotdogs? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but naturally I was intrigued.

Now, the entire apartment had no idea that Nick has never cooked before and this was going to be his first time cooking. 

He gets the bacon, put the stove on the highest heat setting and after a few minutes of the heat stabilizing, he throws the bacon in the pan.

Everyone in the apartment was sitting in the family room, watching some TV when we heard the bacon. At first, the bacon sizzled, smelled delicious, I mean, who doesn’t like bacon? Within a few seconds smoke started filling up the kitchen. 

Nick: Uh-Oh

Within a few more seconds, the entire apartment was engulfed in a smokey, grey haze. It was like we were in a Snoop Dog video. Every single smoke alarm was screaming in unison and we all ditched the apartment to get air. 

This was also the first time we have met our neighbors. ^_^

I look back inside and Nick is holding the pan off the stove, spinning in circles, not knowing what to do.

Nick: What do I do???

Everyone: Throw it away!!

Nick: Where?!?

Everyone: OUTSIDE!! 

He runs outside with a pan full of smoke. It kind of looked like those those fajitas at Chilis when it comes in a smoking skillet. He throws the completely blackened bacon into the grass and we come back into our smoked apartment. By this time, our half of Patterson Court has curiously walked over to see the damage.

Fortunately for us, no damage was done. That is if you don’t count the destroyed pan and Nick’s ego. He was, from that point on, banned from all cooking and heating, except the microwave. 

So for those of you who have never cooked or going to room with someone that has never cooked before. If you’re not boiling water, stay at the medium heat unless the recipe tells you otherwise. 

Until next week tumblr!

Jimmy Love

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