Chronicles of a Cast Member

Episode XXI

A Pure Magical Moment

This isn’t my story but a story my leader told me about a magical moment he witnessed and was a part of.

Working at Mission: Space my leader was working outside as a greeter. He saw a little girl playing with her new Eeyore plush toy. She was dancing around with him and was so very happy that mommy got it for her. She hugged it, talked to it, and was dancing and spinning with Eeyore. 

And then the worst happened…

As she was spinning, she accidentally let him go. Eeyore went flying into the path of an oncoming electric scooter. The guest unknowingly ran over the poor toy and shredded it. Much to the shock and horror of the scene the little girl had just witnessed, my leader ran up to comfort the little girl.

Leader: Oh no! We have to take Eeyore to the clinic now!
Little Girl: (sobbing) Ok..

My leader led her and her family to Epcot’s first aid station nearby and had the family wait just outside. My leader then went to MouseGear (a merchandise location in Epcot) and was able to get her a brand new Eeyore and brought him to the clinic.

Here’s when the Magic begins.

Instead of giving Eeyore directly to the little girl, he gives it to the nurse. They began to put bandages over his head and arms and legs, then they put one of Eeyore’s arms in a sleeve. They roll Eeyore out in a wheelchair to the little girl.

The look of happiness rose so quickly in the eyes of that girl that her tears we no longer of sadness but of happiness. 

Leader: Now be careful, Eeyore was hurt and you need to take good care of him. You can take off the bandages after a day and Eeyore will be all better!
Little Girl: Thank you! (She hugs him and goes on her way with her mother)

We, as Cast Members, don’t look for any awards. We create Magical Moments to make your vacation even more magical that what it already is. We love the look of happiness on our guests’ faces and we go to bed happy every night knowing we did something that made your vacation better.

-Jimmy Love 

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