The Lost Parents

I think the moment where I realized that working at Disney was a truly global experience was when a teary eyed child came up to me and asked for help. I was working as cashier in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop, but when someone’s covering the register and I have nothing to do, I find pleasure in greeting guests and saying various pirate-y things (*views stroller* “Hey kid! Your ship is on wheels!”)

 And then there was a boy, about 7 years old, holding back his tears to muster the courage to admit he was lost to me. Naturally, I followed procedure and grabbed my supervisor. There were a few moments where I was alone with the kid as my supervisor was being summoned.

Then it went like this:

Me: So when did your parents get lost?
Him: I- I don’t know- but we were walking to thunder mountain. I think we should check there.

As the boy is saying this he peeks outside of the gift shop and frantically scans the crowd. I don’t want to manhandle the boy so I try to divert his attention to Goofy, who is meeting and greeting guests in the corner of the gift shop.

Him: Do you think Goofy knows where my parents are?
Me: Maybe he does, but we should ask his friend in the blue shirt! (the Character Attendant)

As we wander to the corner of the shop, the boy sees his parents! And he runs over and leaps into his mother’s arms. I didn’t have much interaction from them, no more than 30 seconds, but the mom quickly explained that she thought he was in the bathroom but some misunderstanding happened. After I determined the boy was fine, I went back to my duties.

Well, after I got off at 4, I decided to indulge in dining at the Polynesian with my fellow co-worker. And lo and behold, the boy and his family are there too! 

They mother and I shared one of those I-think-I-know-you-but-this-could-go-so-wrong looks and I eventually mustered courage to wave.

I spent the entire night that night sharing the dinner table with them, hearing fantastic stories and sharing experiences. I may or may not have let them in on some Disney secrets to explore as well. But nevertheless, it was something I won’t forget; meeting people I would have never met had I not been a Cast Member. At the end of the dinner, the mother simply looked at me and hugged me.

And you know, at that moment, something that simple, kinda kicks you in the head and is like, Disney is not just a job. Being a Cast Member is a privilege. You get to go out there and do some good, help some people have a good time. It introduces you to all these different people from different places and histories, and all you’ve got to do is go interact. It makes me so glad to be able to work and provide for such amazing guests.

And I may or may not have gotten a Guest Fanatic card a couple days later :)

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