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Hello, Hello

I’ve always been a guy behind a blog and never introduced myself recently so allow me to do that.

The name’s Love, James Love. I was a Disney Cast Member at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and Epcot. I had worked in both Food and Beverage and Attractions when I was there.

I am returning to Disney for my second internship this fall in attractions and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

I speak 3 languages fluently (English, Spanish, Italian)
I can hold a conversation in French, Portuguese, and German
And I can give you directions in Arabic and Russian

I love playing, writing, and performing music. I belong on a stage performing my own pieces of art. I play the guitar, ukulele, violin, and piano and I want to be a successful musician. 

This is me

In short, I’m a simple 22 year old college student, working for the mouse, singer/songwriter, a rebel, secret pirate, gamer, always hungry kind of dude.¬†

If you wish, you may visit my twitter @jimmylovee and/or instagram jimmylovee

And if you want to send me lots of money so I can buy my puppy, I will be eternally grateful

I’m going to name him Copper ^_^

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