Cast Member Compassion

My family and I have been going to Walt Disney World for years now, and I’m almost positive we’ve been there over 60 times. I absolutely love it, except for the few times that my parents have gotten into arguments with Cast Members. I know, it’s horrible. The most recent argument that my parents had has turned out to be such a great memory for me, simply because of another Cast Member who I happened to meet. We were at Soarin’ and my parents were incredibly furious that a new rule had been implemented (at least it was new to us): if you didn’t get on time to the queue with your FastPass, well then too bad, you can’t go on anymore. We’re always late, but we were always admitted onto the rides. This time we weren’t. My parents start to argue and I immediately disappear, mostly because I pity the Cast Members so much and because I hate to other guests give is disapproving looks. I end up by the desk, and I start cringing as my parents’ voices start to escalate. I start saying out loud, “Oh, no, oh, no, there they go again…” and other stuff like that when I hear laughter. I turn around and the Cast Member is laughing at my comments and the sight of my parents, leading me to start laughing. Soon enough, my parents angrily storm away, but I’m actually happy for once, just because of that Cast Member’s compassion.

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Birthday Call from Mickey and Minnie!

I’ve been going to Disney World since I was an infant, with a total of about 13 trips there. So when I go to Disney, though I am extremely, extremely excited, I may not have the same amount of anticipation as a first timer.

My brother had to work some hours for his DCP, so I went with him. It a week before my birthday, which was a first for me. I was so excited to finally be able to wear a birthday pin and have strangers wish me a special day. But when we walked into our room at Pop Century, I had an even better surprise. Our phone started ringing, and I went to answer it. It was a message from none other than the mouse and his lady. They sang me happy birthday and wished me a magical trip. I went crazy! That is definitely my favorite magical moment of all of my trips to Disney World. They really know how to make guests have a beyond memorable trip.

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Last month, my best friend and I went to Disney World together. We were leaving Downtown Disney and noticed a kitten hiding in the bushes. We bent down to get a closer look and she came closer to us. She sniffed at our hands and seemed very sweet, but once more people walked over, she got too much attention. 

While my friend guarded the kitty, I went up to the nearest cast member to let him know that there was a stray cat on property. He told me that she had been there for several months and that he had tried to take her to an animal hospital but she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. We went on to explain that he had spoken to his vet about her and was feeding her prescription cat food every morning and every night. I thanked him and told him that he was being very kind. I don’t think he realized just how much I admire him. He was just incredible. How couldn’t have been getting paid much (his job was to direct guests to the proper bus stops for their resorts) but he went out of his way to pay for the proper food for that poor baby cat. He’s sort of a role model for me.

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Unspoken Magic

So I figured I would submit my most memorable magical moment from my College Program back in 2009.

Just a normal day at MSB (Main Street Beverage), the drink station in front of the castle at MK, when a family came up to get drinks and ice cream just like any other. This family was a special one, their teenage son was deaf, I noticed them signing to him. While I was in college, the first time lol, I took a sign language class and remembered a little bit. I signed “thank you” and “have a good day”, his eyes as well as the parents eyes just lite up, he seemed so happy that someone was able to communicate with him. I still remember it, it seemed to really make the family’s day and it definitely made mine.

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I think everyone underestimates the power of a button. My heart melts every time a guest asks for their first visit button. Whether they are 2 years old or 72. (which is my favorite) because every single one of them give the same reaction. That smile and giggle and sense of happiness as they pin it to their shirt.

I’ll never forget this elderly man who asked for his first visit button and told me “It’s never too late to meet your hero” It brings tears to my eyes for a grown man to have the same love for a mouse as I do. I love this company.

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Peter Pan’s Flight Crashed…

I just went recently to Disneyland for Grad Night 2012 which was awesome as usual! I was the tour guide for my friends since I am the “Disney expert” of the group. 

My friend insisted that we ride Peter Pan’s Flight. I wasn’t against riding but the wait was a little lengthy and it was my goal to fit in as many rides in our short amount of time. Still we went and waited and played games to pass the time. We all got split up. There were three of us in one little boat and two in another that was two boats away from us.

The ride went on. London was pretty as was Never Never Land. My favorite parts of the ride is flying over them! We got to the end here where the ship is glowing by with pixie dust on it’s way home when the ride… stopped. Everyone was confused at this point. Then the lights came on, the robotics stopped working, and the music stopped.

I immediately shouted, “Wow! Illusion shattered!”

To which my friend, two boats behind me, shouted, “Hey, I just said that!”

So we sat there at the end for about thirty minutes! Littler kids kept getting impatient and some cried. Workers kept passing us to go deeper into the ride. They were extremely nice considering the somewhat stressful situation.

The first one who passed by jokingly blamed my boat for the whole problem. I told them that it was the boat that was two behind us. He went along with it and blamed them when he passed by. We all laughed at it.

Time ticked by and our patience wore thin. We could’ve been on other rides doing more fun things! We all agreed though that we were happy the lights didn’t come on over the city of London or any other part of the ride. That would’ve really ruined the magic.

There was a boat with like five little kids in front of us screaming along. Two more workers passed by us and finally I asked if they were all getting stuck back there because people kept going back by no one was coming around to exit. The one who passed by at that time said she would go and make sure no one was eaten by crocodiles.  

They fixed the ride enough to let everyone exit and we went on our way. We were a little mad that we had to wait so long but it’s a memory now that only me and all my friends can share. And I’m thankful for it and the playfulness of the employees at the ride. 

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The “are you a Disney employee” trip

So this story is about how I knew I was made to work at Disney. It was either my first or second trip to Walt Disney World, I had been on a brief trip to Disneyland when I was 16 but wasn’t a park veteran by any means, and I was in a shop by Cinderella Castle. I believe it was Sir Mickey’s. I was just browsing the shop when I saw this couple with the most adorable infant trying to find a pair of mouse ears that would fit him. I saw they had gone for the traditional black ears that were in the children’s size and they were just too big for their little guys head. They laughed and took pictures of their little guy and I heard the mom say I wish they fit him so we could by them. At that point I got my nerves up and decided to have a conversation with them and offer some help. I asked if it was their first trip and how old their little guy was because little kids made me miss my family back home. I also asked if they wanted me to take a picture of the three of them wearing the Mickey ears. After we chatted about the parks I let them know I overheard them say they wish there were Mickey ears that would fit their little tyke but all of them were just too big. I simply said something along the lines of oh they do you should check out the shops down on main street. I directed them to the hat shop telling them that looking at the train station it is on the left and that it has all kinds of hats. They have tiny little blue or pink Mickey ears just for babies and they’ll even let you put his name on it. They were so happy you could just see their face light up. The mom asked if I was a cast member on my day off and I said unfortunately no I’m not and she told me well they should hire me because I was so nice and helpful. I told them make sure to get him a first visit pin as a keepsake and then I said I had to catch up with my party but to have a magical day. In that moment when I was able to turn something so little into a  smile and get to help someone have not just a good trip but a great vacation I knew I had to find a way to work for Disney. Now I’m just a few days away from that and can’t wait to make some more memories.

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Good Boy, Pluto.

My story is very short and something that didn’t even happen to me. I was taking pictures with Pluto (I am a photopass photographer) and it had been a long day so far. Until one family, a typical nuclear family, came by. It was a Mom; Dad; Daughter; Son; Grandma; and Grandpa. After I had done my initial shots with the family, Grandma turns and rubs Pluto on his nose and said in just barely a whisper, “Pluto, you’re a good boy.”

It just hit home that someone who was typically older and most of the time doesn’t believe in magic anymore, said something so magical to our puppy. It will forever be a great memory I have with Pluto.

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First Time Disney Visit

I was about 8 when this happened. It was Dec. 31, 1999. I was there for the millennium celebration stuff. My grandfather had also just passed away 2 months before so it was still kinda hitting my family that he was gone. Well when we went through the turnstiles to enter the park my mom gave me my ticket and When it went through The guy in front of us took my ticket along with his families without realizing it. At 8 I thought that without my ticket I couldnt do anything So I started crying, upset I couldn’t go to disney. One of the cast members went backstage and got me some old voided tickets and a mickey doll that wasn’t able to be sold because it had a couple little black marks on it. That made my day to get those tickets and the mickey doll. I wish I knew who that cast member was because they were awesome.

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I don’t work at Disney, at least not yet. But I’m going to school very close to the Disneyland Resort. Because of the proximity, I go to Disneyland several times a week. One time, I wasn’t in the mood to go on rides because I was all alone, so I was just hanging out by Snow White’s wishing well. Suddenly a mother with two kids walked up, the two-year old girl hanging off her shirt, and the five-year old boy racing around out of her control. The mother tried to go through her purse as the daughter started to cry, so I started to make casual conversation with the little boy as he stared down the well. He didn’t know what it was for, so I whipped a penny out of my pocket and told him to make a wish and Snow White would help make it come true. When he heard Snow White’s voice coming from within the well, he yelled excitedly into the well “I WISH I COULD MEET PETER PAN” and threw it in as quickly as he could, bouncing and squealing. The mom nodded gratefully at me as I smiled and walked toward Fantasyland. Just as I was out of their view…I ran into Peter Pan. I was gonna ask for his picture, but I let him keep walking past me toward the wishing well. Kinda wish I could see that kid’s face, but I’m sure I’ll see faces just like that all the time when I finally work at Disney.

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